We’re looking forward to seeing you in person in June 2022!

We are delighted to announced that we are planning to be back to a physical gala event for the 2022 Tes awards. Full details of the June Awards will be released in February 2022.

Over 2020 and 2021, we saw some huge changes to how we needed to run our awards, because of Covid. Despite not being able to host physical events, we still celebrated the outstanding work of schools and teachers through our digital awards. We certainly missed putting on our glad rags, and seeing everyone in person, but we were extremely honoured to be able to shine a light on a host of incredible people and their work.

This forced break from our traditional events also gave us the opportunity to think about to how we might run them for the future. Their success has been outstanding, but over the years this growth also added more complexity and created a degree of segregation across the sector, as the awards developed into three separate events (Tes Awards, Tes Independent Awards, and Tes Further Education Awards). They also asked a lot of our schools, in terms of entries, our supporters, and our judges.

We are excited to confirm that we are resetting this picture and bringing the many schools and teachers together under one inclusive national event – Tes Schools Awards.

This singular inclusive event will still differentiate certain categories to support the realistic variance between our state and independent schools, but overall, it will allow us to focus on the categories that our schools and teachers are most proud of and most interested in entering. And more importantly, it allows us to celebrate the many schools and teachers together. This means we can ask less of our many loyal supporters, and we can focus so much more attention on one event to give it more support, focus, and a bigger boost for our finalists and winners.

For Tes, these awards are incredibly important, and this latest evolution is an exciting one that will enable us to continue providing a huge spotlight on the incredible work of the many schools and teachers that we work with.

Full details of the Tes School Awards for 2022 will be announced in early February 2022, with an anticipated physical gala dinner in June 2022.


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